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March And White Jacket Photography

At some point in any relationship with either, or both, of us somebody will inevitably comment on the colour blue.

I had never really thought about it. Wasn’t really aware of it. Then I look at photographs of us, I look inside my wardrobe, or at my favourite pieces of art and, I suppose, there is a theme of colour!

We both travel an awful lot. I’m not complaining you understand. It is yet to seem a chore.

Anyway, we leave a place in a timezone and arrive in another. The diverse activities in a single day make it necessary to give thought to what you wear.

About three years ago I came across a very dark indigo two button blazer by Dries Van Noten.

Classically cut but in a subtly quilted fabric. The texture in the cloth meant it wore creases beautifully.

The price ticket seemed scary. Three years later it seems like the best value for money ever.

It is light enough to wear in the fiercest Mediterranean sun.

It has enough decent pockets to make it the perfect flight companion. The sanforized fabric means the dust of a site visit brushes off in time for a smart dinner.

It has no shoulder pad meaning shoulder luggage can be carried without ruining the structure or silhouette. Despite the soft shoulder, it manages not to look like a shapeless deconstructed jacket. The quiet genius of Antwerps greatest creative export (this reminds me why Dries is high on our wishlist of collaborators).

The sheen looks good in photographs. Do I need to go on?

It is a piece of clothing I cannot imagine existing in any other colour or hue than the darkest, spilt Indian ink blue.

It is a piece of perfect elegance that I don’t mind admitting I wish I had created.

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March And White Jacket Photography

At some point in any relationship with either, or both, of us somebody will inevitably comment on the colour blue. 

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