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It's Lunch Time

March And White Lunch Time In New York City
New York and London share a number of critical characteristics. As cities they are like a great couple. Different enough to generate a fascinating tension. Similar enough to empathise and compliment. They catalyse each other. They are also divided by a five hour time difference. Where this is commonly considered a challenge, we relish the dynamic of it. 

When it is late afternoon in New York it is night time in London. Different times of the day produce different strains of creativity. The dialogue, in real time, between the two studios, is critical to how we design. An idea behaves differently by night.

Lunchtime, however, is lunchtime. Elliot is now based in New York where he heads the Thompson Street studio of March & White.

Lunch, for Elliot, is a sacred ceremony. Time and deadlines don’t always allow it to be a leisurely paced affair.

New York is a great lunch city. Thompson Street is rich with every kind of eatery. We know, from receipts, that Elliot is doing an admirable job of exploring these.

I asked him to give us his perfect New York lunch for one person.

March And White Eating Out Collage Background

With the mandatory early morning jog a fading memory,  I head straight to the Laughing Man Cafe in Tribeca for the daily intake of caffeine! It’s easy to become a regular and everyone has a super happy vibe which always puts a smile on my face. 

What I love about this place is that its a non profit marketplace set up by the actor Hugh Jackman allowing farmers in developing countries to sell their goods to consumers in the U.S. 

With an Iced Latte in hand I always make a pass through Beach St. The old building stock in this part of Tribeca is absolutely remarkable. The detailing of the brick brings the scale of Manhattan back down to a human level. 

Buildings such as the old Amex building have long past been converted into high end residential condos; however their soul still remains and a lot of the new developments on Greenwich St mimic the solidity of their façades.

Cutting onto Hudson St, I always catch the corner of the original Nobu. Understated but so good. The place is now closing after 20 years in the neighbourhood and moving downtown into the financial district near our new tower. Thoughts briefly turn to dinner and then reality bites. Time to crack on Mr March.

Across the road is 60 Hudson Street, formerly known as the Western Union Building. It’s an odd mixture of German Expressionism fused with Art Deco detailing. 

The exterior brick moves from darker shades to lighter ones as the building rises, passing through 19 different colors. Both the interior and exterior of the building are landmarked and is now one of the most important internet hubs in the world. Actually, I think Google now hang out there...

The March & White studio is based on Thompson Street in SoHo. One of my favorite areas to spend time in, whether working or shopping – it has its vices.

As a creative firm we enjoy the buzz of the area and our clients certainly do – a lunch reservation in one of the surrounding streets always brings our uptown guys downtown for a few hours!

It’s a Wednesday today so to escape the heat I head straight to one of my current favourite lunch stops which is the Ladurée Cafe on Thompson. Skipping the tourists, I make a beeline for the small door off Thompson which leads directly into a beautifully landscaped Parisian courtyard. It’s an escape from the hustle of the street and provides a sense of total relaxation. I’m being interviewed today therefore I opt straight for the grilled Tuna Nicoise salad. Delicious. Interview done – off downtown to check on our project!

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