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Elliot March

“I treasure objects which increase in allure as they age. The patina on a piece of timber or leather as it evolves. These are nuances which enrich everything I am drawn to.”

As an architect I have worked with, and learned from, some of the world’s great practices. I apply this learning through other creative discipline connecting my work to a complex frame of reference and influence. This leads to unexpected junctions and direction. This, for me, is the intrigue and excitement of design.

To create is my instinctive default. I am fascinated by the process that turns a vague, abstract idea into a tangible object or place that is effective, functional and beautiful. A luxury.

My creative pursuit is not divided into design and manufacture but is a single, organic process. Always. Whether it is architectural, interior design, a super-yacht or a single, simple chair. It starts with an idea. The idea is evolved and shaped with intellect and intuitive reason.

I always learn from our work. My obsessive appreciation of craft and materiality makes it a privilege to work closely with amazing artists and specialist craftspeople. I constantly consider fresh creative directions.

As a lifelong passionate sailor, this instinct enabled a longstanding dream to design the interiors of iconic super-yachts. A deep understanding and love of the water intuitively informs our maritime work. Designing interiors which respond to the elemental qualities of the ocean: colour, movement and light, is a thrill to me. 

The ocean is a constant creative muse. I pursue its momentary, fleeting intrigue through painting and photography.  My respect for the ocean feeds back into my creative ethos that luxury, in the contemporary age, must be responsible as well as beautiful.