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Elliot & James

Elliot & James began working together at University in Oxford in 1996 while studying Architecture before branching out to work for a number of high profile architectural firms over the next decade. The pair reunited in 2010 and formed March & White, with the objective of providing high-quality luxury interiors based on the principals of great architecture.

The pair approach each project as a one off and work collaborativly on the concept to ensure that their combined vision translates across the entire portfolio.

James resides in London and heads up the London Studio, whilst Elliot lives in Los Angeles and travels between the New York & Los Angeles Studios.

Elliot March

“I treasure objects which increase in allure as they age. The patina on a piece of timber or leather as it evolves. These are nuances which enrich everything I am drawn to.”

As an architect I have worked with, and learned from, some of the world’s great practices. I apply this learning through other creative discipline connecting my work to a complex frame of reference and influence. This leads to unexpected junctions and direction. This, for me, is the intrigue and excitement of design.

To create is my instinctive default. I am fascinated by the process that turns a vague, abstract idea into a tangible object or place that is effective, functional and beautiful. A luxury.

My creative pursuit is not divided into design and manufacture but is a single, organic process. Always. Whether it is architectural, interior design, a super-yacht or a single, simple chair. It starts with an idea. The idea is evolved and shaped with intellect and intuitive reason.

I always learn from our work. My obsessive appreciation of craft and materiality makes it a privilege to work closely with amazing artists and specialist craftspeople. I constantly consider fresh creative directions.

As a lifelong passionate sailor, this instinct enabled a longstanding dream to design the interiors of iconic super-yachts. A deep understanding and love of the water intuitively informs our maritime work. Designing interiors which respond to the elemental qualities of the ocean: colour, movement and light, is a thrill to me.

The ocean is a constant creative muse. I pursue its momentary, fleeting intrigue through painting and photography. My respect for the ocean feeds back into my creative ethos that luxury, in the contemporary age, must be responsible as well as beautiful.

James White

“I have a creative curiosity to explore beyond the boundaries of architecture and interior design.”

My training and qualifications are as an architect. It is only a single element, though, to the wide creative horizon I follow in my work. It brings a logic and objectivity to my process.

As far back as I can remember, I was fascinated by the appearance of places and objects. I was committed to aesthetics before I knew of the word, I suppose.

My work is a response to this innate desire for crafted and luxurious beauty. Beyond simply being pleased by the visual and tactile quality, I am intrigued by the psychology of luxury and beauty.

I find inspiration in film, art, fashion and history. Sometimes this is deliberate and concise. Sometimes it is subconscious and abstract.

I enjoy seeing these influences distilled and cross pollinated in the work we, Elliot and I, create with March & White. Our work brings us in very close, collaborative proximity with our clients. Learning how they live, work and enjoy their lives informs the work that we create for them. It is a very enriching exchange that informs more than just the specific project.

I love art and, in particular, abstract painting both as an admirer and as a practitioner. I occasionally design using paint, brush and canvas. Idiosyncratic perhaps but it feels absolutely natural as a medium. It feels very March & White. On reflection I can see a painterly, subtle layering of tone and texture in our work.

I treasure objects which increase in allure as they age. The patina on a piece of timber or leather as it evolves. These are nuances which enrich everything I am drawn to.

My tastes have always ignored the annotation of time. I am drawn to a very specific idea of understated, quiet and intriguing elegance. I can find this in something entirely contemporary or, equally, something of greater age.

A reverence for meticulous detailing is present in both my personal, and professional, expression.

There is not really though, a division between work and play. To be a great designer is to feed from every experience and engagement. It is life lived as creative field research.